what a beautiful day to not be in high school

You better start believing in ghost stories Miss Turner, you’re in one

there will never be a day when I won’t think of you

thelovelyseas: Orca or Killer Whale (Orcinus orca) travels down opening leads of ice, making deep dives under ice to hunt Antarctic Cod, McMurdo Sound, Antarctica by Norbert Wu  / minden pictures




i love the Women Against Feminism that are like “I dont need feminism because i can admit i need my husband to open a jar for me and thats ok!” cause listen 1. get a towel 2. get the towel damp 3. put it on the lid and twist. BAM now men are completely useless. you, too, can open a jar. time to get a divorce



A volte c’è bisogno anche di fermarsi, fare un respiro profondo e svuotare la testa.
H. Murakami (via sonoquellachesono)


The community in Ferguson is struggling to come up with the money to keep their kids fed, since school has been cancelled all this time, yet people have donated over $12,000 to the murderer who started all of this in the last 24 hours alone. Think about that. And then donate to the right cause.


The things I find most beautiful about a person are almost never physical.
Mark Patterson (via kushandwizdom)